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Debt management Plan

Is this for me?

With expert help from a dedicated finance manager you can make an informed decision and take your 1st step to financial freedom.

Whatever your circumstances the sooner you sort your finances out the sooner you can be debt free and make your life goals a reality

How does it work?

  • We will explain how our debt management plan will benefit you and answer any queries you have relating to this debt solution.
  • Having listened to you, we will a better understanding of how we can we assist you
  • We will then conduct a full financial review and form a picture of your current financial situation and tailor a plan that best suits your needs.
  • We will work out your disposable income (money left after paying mortgage/rent and housekeeping etc)
  • You will pay one single monthly payment based on your disposable income.
  • We will then distribute your payment to your creditors – so you no longer have to deal with them
  • We will work to negotiate that any further interest and charges are frozen on your account.
  • We will then review your financial circumstances on a regular basis – if your financial circumstances change we will recommend any alterations to your tailored plan
  • We are committed to getting you back 2 credit

Back 2 Credit is here to help

With news of rising bills and fuel costs households in the UK are finding it harder to maintain their monthly commitments – there is no need to feel you are alone. We have helped thousands of customers in financial difficulty with years of experience of listening to them and their needs. We understand that you want to repay your debt but can not longer meet your monthly commitment when you took out the credit as your personal circumstances have changed. Remember – we are here to listen to you from the 1st call to the point you are back to credit.

Back 2 Credit will

  • Give each customer debt advice and counselling with no obligations
  • Calculate your disposable income and distribute it to your creditors
  • Deal with your creditors queries and all correspondence relating to your personal debt
  • Work solely on your behalf – we have no commitments to specific banks or organisations like some of our competitors
  • Carry out periodic reviews so we can assess your circumstances and tailor your plan if need be – remember we are here to help

Together we can get you back on track by helping you manage your finances more efficiently. Why worry about debt – when it can be resolved.

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