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High Outgoings

Struggling to meet your mortgage/rent repayments?

Next bill landing on doorstep just as you thought had paid them?

Don’t worry help is at hand – Back 2 Credit can help you get your finances back on track.

Question: My income just doesn’t cover my monthly outgoings – can you help?

Answer: Yes! Back 2 Credit can give you initial debt advice and offer a range of solutions to help you get on to the road of financial freedom. We will tailor a plan that best meets your own personal situation and you are under no financial obligation if you feel the plan does not best suit your needs.

Question: Can you help with my bank charges?

Answer: Yes! By regaining control of your finances you will no longer get unforeseen bank charges for your personal debt again as you can look to pay one single affordable monthly payment. You may not be aware but each time your payment is not honoured it’s not just your bank that is charging you – your creditors may do also. Some creditors charge between £10 - £25 for a payment by direct debit not being honoured and along with bank charge this soon adds up to a lot of money. We can also advice you on alternative bank accounts that can save you money.

Question: Will you deal with my creditors?

Answer: Yes! We will deal with your all creditors on your behalf. You may get calls and letters initially but direct them to us and we will deal with them.

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