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Top 10 Money Saving Tips to Help You Reduce Your Debt

  1. Look at your electricity and gas supplier – are you on the best plan available to you? There may be cheaper options available to you rather than the plan you are currently on and it is quite a simple process to switch provider. Alternatively you could speak to your own provider and see what other plans they can offer you. Look at a comparison site and see what you could potentially save.
  2. Look at your telephone bill – you could possibly save money by simply switching calling plans from your own provider. Call them up and see if you are on the best plan available to you – alternatively again look on a web comparison site.
  3. Look at your mobile phone bill – are you on the best call tariff plan available to you? Speak to your provider and see what alternatives there are they could possibly price match another provider to keep you. No good at budgeting would pay as you go suit you – many SIM cards now come with free minutes and text messages just like contract lines. You can also sell your old mobile phones that are just lying around unused.
  4. Look at your car insurance – get a number of quotes do not just depend on one quote or automatically renew with your own company without even getting another quote.
  5. Look at your supermarket – we are very loyal to our choice of supermarket, however we could save £’s by shopping around. Look for offers and shop smartly not by impulse. Make a shopping list and stick to it. Remember to collect as many loyalty points as possible no matter where you shop. Try your local butcher and greengrocer or try your local market!
  6. Look at your gym membership – are you still paying for a gym membership that you rarely use or do not use at all? You can exercise at home or in the park for free. 1000’s of people in the UK pay an average of £600 a year on unused gym memberships make sure you are not one of them. Alternatively, if you do make use of your membership is there are cheaper alternative available to you?
  7. Look at your car – are you pumping money into a car that you could trade for a cheaper option. With new tax laws it is more viable to drive a car with smaller engine than ever before and you could save hundreds in car tax and insurance a year. You burn more fuel on short journeys – could you walk? This way you will be saving the planet and getting fit at the same time.
  8. Look at how you travel – could you car share with a work colleague or fellow parent? Splitting travelling costs obviously can save you 50% on fuel and 50% less traffic on the roads. Win-win situation. Do you pay your bus/train fare daily – look at a monthly pass and see if could save money!
  9. Look at what could you sell – you could potentially have money just lying around your home. From pre-loved mobile phones to unwanted presents these can all be sold on auction sites and you get more space in your home and a little more cash in your pocket!
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