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Mortgage and Rent Arrears

Struggling to meet your mortgage/rent repayments?

Debt problems getting you down?

Don’t worry help is at hand – Back 2 credit can help with the arrears and reduce the risk of you losing your home.

Question: Can I get help from a debt management company?

Answer: Yes! Debt management companies help you deal with debt. We can help you manage your debt so you can keep up your mortgage/rent repayments.

Question: Why don’t I take out a bank loan to pay off my arrears?

Answer: STOP! Taking out further debt you can not afford can have serious consequences and you will find yourself deeper in debt.

There are alternatives to borrowing more funds to keep your neck above water. In the current climate interest on new loans are higher than before the credit crunch and lenders are more careful to whom they are lending too. As a homeowner you could end up with a secured loan – you could still lose your home if you can not afford to make the repayments.

Question: Will my home be repossessed?

Answer: We will offer you a range of options for you to keep your home. We will tailor a plan that best fits your individual circumstances. Back 2 Credit offer professional advice so you are under no financial obligation when you call.

Question: How can you help?

Answer: Back 2 Credit can help you manage your debt and advice you how to get back on track. There are a whole range of options we can propose to help you keep your home. For debt advice, call us TODAY.

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