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Shopping at the Supermarket
Spent more money than you intended?

Walk in to any supermarket and normally the first smell to hit you will be the scent of baking bread or other enticing items from the bakery aisle, instantly making you hungry and therefore unless your equipped with the weapons to combat the supermarket army – spend money by buying more food.

Don’t worry you are not the first or last person to spend more money than you intended to in a supermarket, this is what they want you to do and have spent millions of pounds on research to entice us to. Although eating before visiting the supermarket is one weapon everyone should have in their artillery.

When you walk into the supermarket, discounted goods are placed near the entrance in order to entice us in and start the spending virtually straight away. Everyone likes to bag a bargain, saved money on this item so you feel you can spend elsewhere.

Strategically placing sweets, magazines and drinks by the counter is no co-incidence but to make you buy on impulse whilst waiting to pay for your shopping – the last attempt to grab some more of your money whilst leaving the supermarket.

Brightly coloured sign posts using words such as sale and discount entice us to aisles we might not venture down and the saving may be pennies but the signs make us feel better about purchasing the goods.

Although we believe we are in charge the supermarket actually steers our trolley down the aisles as everyday essential items are spread across the supermarket so we have to go past aisles with other enticing goods in order to complete our shopping.

Get back in control of your shopping by budgeting ahead how much you can afford to spend on grocery shopping and stick to it. Challenge yourself to see what you can get in your budget.

It is well documented to drop down on brand level and see if you can notice the difference, and look at the BOGOF (buy one get one free) if it is one non-perishable items such as toothpaste and items which are normally on your shopping list then stock up as much as you can.

Always look for vouchers these regularly come to you via the post in offer leaflets enticing you to visit, in magazines and they are readily available on the web. Finally, if the supermarket offers loyalty points even though they may not give much value use them. Happy shopping!

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